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Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate a 30th High School Reunion!

Getting ready to deliver the Top 10…

10 Reasons to Celebrate A 30th Reunion…

10. At 18 we knew it all. Now we appreciate knowing anything, anything at all.

9. If you’re a woman, congratulations! Your ’80′s perm has finally grown out. If you’re a man, you are now a normal height.

8. If we had children they’re probably grown or mostly grown. If we didn’t… we have disposable income.

7. Every life stage marks us… diaper rash, acne, wrinkles. Which one would you rather have?

6. We might have thought back then we knew what our lives would be like, but our stories are far more interesting now.

5. It used to be tiring to stalk people. Now we have Facebook.

4. At 18 we thought people were talking about us. Thirty years later, we don’t care. Thirty years from now, we’ll realize no one was ever really paying any attention to us at all.

3. If we bought 100 shares of Apple stock in 1983… we have $2.1 million dollars right now! (We didn’t, did we?)

2. Even if we did look better at 18, we still look waaay better right now than we ever will again.

And the #1 reason to celebrate to celebrate a 30th high school reunion…

1. When we graduated, we wanted to get out into the world. Thirty years later, we realize what an amazing place we had the privilege to call home, and how great it can be to share those memories with the people who knew us when.

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It’s always the 1980′s in my heart!

Okay, it’s not always the 1980′s in my heart. But it’s definitely the 80′s on my playlist (The Cars, anyone?) and this weekend it is my 1983 high school reunion.

Yep, I’m 48. And thank you for lying to me about not looking 48 because I count on that to feel better about the fact that THREE DECADES have gone by in a flash(dance).

Several reunions ago (there have been so many, they tend to blur together) I wrote down several things I missed about 1983. In honor of the weekend’s festivities, I’ll share a couple here…

I miss 1983 because my parents paid the bills, the average mortgage ran $335, gas was 81cents a gallon, and you could buy a six pack of beer with a five dollar bill and get change back.

I miss 1983 because though hair was unnaturally larger, breasts were naturally smaller.

I miss 1983 because when I turned on the radio I heard Journey, Prince, Loverboy, Michael Jackson, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, the J. Geils Band, Foreigner, The Police, Toto, and John Cougar…. and they weren’t playing on the oldies station.

I miss 1983 because every guy I knew may not have had a car, a job, or any prospects, but he did have his hair.

I miss 1983 because when the teenage eye rolling thing happened, I was the eye roller and not the totally lame parent.

So, enjoy this fine summer weekend. I will attempt to while I reintroduce myself to people who won’t recognize me even after reading my name tag.

And if you have anything you miss from the ’80′s, send me a comment, and I’ll add it here or on Facebook.

Happy reminiscing & Happy e-Reading!


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