Day 28: Thanks Giving

Today I’m giving thanks, not for my whole life, (which I am very, very grateful for) but for my life as a reader.

Yes, I am thankful to be a reader because:

1. I’ve gotten to travel the world without leaving home.

2. I’ve met and lived vicariously through a thousand interesting characters.

3. I’ve learned things about life from experiencing the life of stories.

4. In countless books, I’ve laughed and cried and been delightfully surprised bycharacters, plots, and the writing itself.

book stacks

5. At times when I’ve needed escape (a little bit every day!) I’ve had a passport to somewhere else.

6. When I needed company, a book was right there beside me, waiting to be opened.

7. Books have fed my hamster wheel brain, and kept me learning and growing.

8. Some of my sweetest childhood memories involve sitting with a beloved grown-up and a book.

9. Learning to read was a stellar event, one I do not take for granted and wish for everyone.

10. I have found a home in books and made myself at home writing them.

Happily grateful and wishing you the very best season of giving thanks!



Summer Beach Read Cover Contest!

 Okay, maybe it’s a little like choosing your favorite child. You know, something both impossible and deeply wrong. Still, I really love the cover of Hollywood Beginnings! It’s the work of the very talented Anna Mahlen of Monday Morning Designs & it’s now up for a beach read contest on Storyfinds!

If you haven’t yet discovered Storyfinds…. it’s all about bringing together readers and authors, and as both a reader and an author, I’ve loved their site for finding new reads and new readers.

So, pop over to Storyfinds and vote!

May the best beach cover win (and since only one is my child, I can tell you Anna’s cover is AWESOME!)

Click on the Vote button to cast yours on Storyfinds!

Happy e-Reading


Best Stairs Ever!

Best stairs ever!

No, I don’t mean the kind at the gym. You know, the stairs that you become oxygen deprived on while the woman next to you (younger, always younger) zooms up like she’s on an escalator?

I mean the kind of stairs that make you feel good about life…

spring break 2013 portland

Well, last weekend in Portland, I found these stairs at Powell’s Bookstore, and they made me really happy. Maybe it was finding them at such a great bookstore, healthy and thriving since 1971. Or maybe it was standing among all those print books and knowing that one way or another I can make that happen too.

Sure, I’m currently an e-book author, but sometimes all the categorizing that goes on… self-published/traditionally published; e-book/print book; small presses/large presses; commercial fiction/literary fiction;  well, it makes me tired.

I’m a writer because I write. I’m an author because you have been my reader. And that makes me happy too.

And while I find myself at the end of the best spring break ever with my family! (See photo below of my backyard  to see how OVER spring break is.)

spring break 2013 home

I still feel a little spring in my heart. I wrote this morning (not a lot… we all have colds as a last souvenier of the trip) but enough to get me going again, to take me another rung up my own staircase.

I’m not sure what I’m doing right now, what’s ahead with novels, screenplays, e-books, print, but I do know whatever the next step, I’ll be in good company.

Happy Reading!


A Bookstore the Size of a City Block!

It’s Spring break time at my house. And while I imagine this in my head…

I am marooned here for a quiet week of sun and reading (not necessarily in that order.)





In fact, my Spring Break starts with a…


 Luckily for me, the van is headed to Portland, home of Powell’s Bookstore! I may not have the tropical beach, but I will definitely have the books.


Now, it’s true I am an e-book author and love my Kindle a lot, but I also read old-school :)   I’ll post some trip pictures on Facebook so hop on over and  join the conversation!


Meanwhile, Happy e-Reading & paperback reading too!

four bookcovers

Middle of Winter Reading… (Or The Donner Party with a Book)

winter tired ofI’ll admit right up front that this is probably not the best day for me to do a blog post…

1. Daughter home with cold caused my writing time to be replaced with Hallmark movies with dialogue so bad we replaced some of it with our own commentary. (It doesn’t make it right, but it does entertain us.)

2. It’s the middle of WINTER!

3. I am still wearing fuzzy pyjama bottoms. It’s 4:40 p.m., people.

4. It’s the middle of WINTER! Did I mention it’s the middle of WINTER?

But, I am ever the optimist (except when I’m not and then my family just steers clear) and I’m going to say something good about the end of January even if January doesn’t deserve it…

It’s a great time to read…

1. I’ve personally downloaded at least a dozen FREE books over the last couple of weekends and bought half-a-dozen more, and some of them look especially good.

2. Since it’s dark a good deal of the time, it’s okay to curl up on the couch and read. It’s not like I could be out in the garden, right?

3. It’s very, very quiet. And although that’s not great for a person’s social life, it’s swell for uninterrupted reading time.

4. When the color outside my window is this…




I can travel the world (and worlds that don’t even exist) and feel the sun on my face and adventure in my heart.

On a cold end of January day like today, I feel, as I have since I was a little girl, that I can jump into a story and take a wonderful wordy vacation. And right now that’s the only good thing I’m going to say about January!

four bookcovers

Happy e-Reading!


Happy Holidays 2012!


Three FREE e-books for the Holidays! (And a Kindle giveaway on my birthday, January 1st) Forward this to your e-reading friends! To be eligible for the drawing fill in the box above & to the right

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Happy Holidays!
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A Contemporary Romantic Comedy

It’s a logical plan to Professor Hattie McLean. Date 6 men in 6 months and one will be the clear choice to father her child. But biology involves the heart as well… even if she didn’t plan on it!

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A Hollywood Novella

For Amy there was something suspicious about her mother’s decision to flee Hollywood for Minnesota and never look back. Now, forty years later, mother and daughter return to the City of Angels where surprise endings and happy beginnings are born.

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A Romantic Comedy

When Gwen hits the big 4-0, her husband leaves and her daughter takes off with a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band. Taking her daughter’s place at the university seems like a good idea until she runs into the reason she dropped out twenty years before… and he’s also found his way Back To U.

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Hollywood Beginnings! (New & FREE until Midnight!)

In the time it takes to watch a Romantic Comedy… you can read Hollywood Beginnings!

That was my plan when I set out to write a novel for summer. I made it a Quick Read, so you could finish it on the beach (or during a couple of lunch hours or waiting in the van… yeah, I know how busy life gets!)

I’ve always loved the Frankie and Annette beach movies and came up with the premise…

“What if…” your mother had been an up and coming star but left Hollywood before you were born? What would have driven her from stardom, and how would you, as her daughter, feel about growing up in Minnesota?

My main character, Amy, feels a little robbed. And when mother and daughter return to the City of Angels for a funeral, an over-due L.A. adventure is exactly what Amy gets!

And you’ll get Hollywood Beginnings with all the laughter, romance, and real women’s aha moments I could pack in a Quick Read… For FREE until midnight tonight! Download it in seconds from Amazon by just clicking on the cover!

Hollywood Beginnings on Amazon

Happy e-Reading!


Bubble bath ’cause you deserve it!



(Update on the first give-away… The lucky winner is Sammi P.!  Check in for another spring present!)


think it’s about time for a give-away, a little swag to say thanks!

Through writing, I’ve met amazing readers on Facebook and Twitter and Amazon and Goodreads… whew! did I leave anything out? Oh, yeah, and in person in my classes and workshops! And now, I’ve got the inspiration for The Do-Over… the bath products that started it all, LUSH.


So… Relax, take a bath! I’ll be drawing for the gift basket in just 5 days. To enter to win, just look to the top of this page on the right and pop your email in the box. I promise to only send the rare but entertaining announcements for FREE books, NEW books, or if GEORGE CLOONEY passes me a note in class.

Good luck, and while we’re all winners (especially GEORGE CLOONEY) one of you will get an email from me on Sunday April 15th!

10 Reasons Everybody Needs a Spring Break!

It’s 34 degrees here in Montana, and it’s Spring Break. Yep, the vacation that centers around warm weather and all things beachy has begun with SNOW. So, to celebrate, here are 10 reasons we all deserve a little warmth.

  1.  It’s past the official first day of spring, so bring it!
  2. My backyard looks like this…


       3. I like my backyard when it looks like this…



4. College students probably don’t need a week on a beach as much as the rest of us do.

5.  I’m pretty sure I heard Oprah say, “You get a vacation and you get a vacation and you get a vacation!”

6.  Frostbite doesn’t glow the same way a tan does.

7.  Even bears know it’s time to stop being cooped up in the den.

8.  Admit it, you’ve rented every movie in Redbox this winter and are starting to see even the bad ones twice.

9.   There are some really cute bathing suit cover-ups out there, so the only thing to fear is fear itself.

10.  You’ve been good all winter, and when Santa came by on a sleigh yesterday, he said you could take a week off!

Enjoy the spirit of Spring Break even if you have no sunshine or time off!

To celebrate… March 31st & April 1st, download for FREE the romantic comedy

Plan On It: 6 Men in 6 Months


You may not have a beach, but you can have a beach read!

P.S. If you’re not signed up for my email list (at the top right “Subscribe” box just pop in your email) you’ll want to be by March 29th… Someone will win a bubble bath gift basket just like the one that drove Mara to Canada in The Do-Over!

A Bestseller, A Freebie, & a Newbie!

So a funny thing happened to me in February…

Because of all your great support and encouragement, The Do-Over made its way up the Amazon Kindle Bestseller list!

The Amazon Top 100 seemed an impossible dream for an indie author like me, but we did it! Thank you especially to everyone who posted a review on my Amazon page or clicked on the thumbs up button to encourage other readers to find a Montana writer who’s done it all from her tiny home office.

I’m always looking for that sentence or two of support that leads new readers to give my books a try!


This Sunday to celebrate (and because it’s almost Valentine’s Day!) I’m giving away FREE downloads of Plan On It.

I gave away over 20,000 copies of The Do-Over, so don’t hesitate to pass this on to friends. The more the merrier! (Plus, it may count as a gift from you even if it’s a Freebie!)

And finally the Newbie which is also a Freebie…         If all the Amazon stars align, my newest novel, Back To U, will be available on Valentine’s Day and FREE!


As a writer and a teacher, I’ve had some really great years. But as an author, this is already the most amazing year ever, and it’s only February!

Thanks for coming along on the ride!


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