Day 24: The novel stresses me out, but…

Tally, The Writing (and attack) Dog, makes me laugh!

Tally attacking 2

Happy whatever makes you happy!


Day 18: Things I Know about the Main Character of The Rocker’s Mrs.

1. Trish is a regular woman who fails to see what’s remarkable about what she does every single day.

2. She will get a haircut by a dog groomer (sometime this week :)

3. Her real problem with her ex-husband wasn’t that he was smarter than she was… it was that he was too dumb to see how great she is.

4. She never thought her 25th high school reunion would end with her saying, “I’m with the band.”

5. Someday soon her 12-year-old daughter will stop rolling her eyes at her. But it won’t be today.

6. She thinks she’s stepping into a love triangle, but it’s far more complicated than that.

7. Her best girlfriend will soon be a guy named Marvin.

8. And while I don’t normally use my life in my fiction, I plan to give Trish a dog soon. It will put the hours I’m losing to a new puppy to good use…

Tally on backTally, the Writing Dog.

Happy Monday!


Day 14 – A Change of Scene

At 7 p.m. I was at  0 words for the day and 20,261 words for the month. Tomorrow is half-way through November, and I’m supposed to be half way through my 50,000 words!

So, I did the one thing that guarantees that work gets done… I left the house.

I do it periodically, write away from home, because home holds people, laundry, too much internet access, movies, a counter full of dishes, the book I’m currently reading, a bathtub to soak in, and now, the cutest puppy in the world, Tally, the Writing Dog

Tally with violets

(eating a violet she found in the yard)

So, I went old school at McDonald’s with my AlphaSmart, yellow pad, gel pen, and sticky notes. McDs

Word count by 8:30? 21,476. Shazam!

Happy Reading, Happy Writing, Happy Meal!


Day 13 – you know when…

You know when your children were little, and the only time you could get anything done was when they were napping?

Tally sleeping

Note to self: Don’t get a puppy during National Novel Writing Month.

Happy Reading, and for me… Happy Write Like a Crazy Person tomorrow!


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