Day 30 – Victory!

There’s only one thing like the joy of writing 50,000 words in 30 days…. Stopping!

It’s the same kind of relief I used to feel when I finished a run. The running felt pretty good some of the time, but the stopping felt really good all of the time. The same is true for writing.

In 30 days I’ve had ups and downs. I’ve written decent scenes and some that will never see the light of day.

I’ve worked hard and also procrastinated at an Olympic level.

But I’ve started. I’ve started what was only an idea and made it the first 50,000 words of The Rocker’s Mrs.

Nano winner 2013 2

What will happen to it (and me) now?

Well, it will be seriously ignored for a while. I mean that in the best possible way.

1. I need to do some laundry or buy more underwear. Just saying.

2. I need a break from the computer.

The chair doesn’t have my rear end imprint… my rear end is getting a chair imprint.

3. I have got to figure out what smells weird in my refrigerator.

4. It’s the holiday season, and I’ve got to do some book promotions for the four novels that are already out in the world.

5. It’s time to scout around and see if there’s a traditional publisher who would like to bring one of my novels out in print.

6. I’ve got to pick up the revision of the Montana Myth novel and finish it up.

7. Family? Well, hello!

8. It’s only 25 days until Christmas, right?! What could possibly need doing?

9. Sleep

10. The audio book for Hollywood Beginnings will need a good launching in December.

Happy Last Day of National Novel Writing Month!




Day 24: The novel stresses me out, but…

Tally, The Writing (and attack) Dog, makes me laugh!

Tally attacking 2

Happy whatever makes you happy!


Day 21 – There’s a Direct Correlation Between…

There’s a direct correlation between how many words I write and…

How much laundry piles up.

clothing pile

How little exercise I get.

How much caffeine I require.

How spacey I am in conversations.

How crammed my email inbox is.

How empty the calories I consume.

And also… how satisfied I feel at the end of the day.

Happy… what was I saying?



Day 18: Things I Know about the Main Character of The Rocker’s Mrs.

1. Trish is a regular woman who fails to see what’s remarkable about what she does every single day.

2. She will get a haircut by a dog groomer (sometime this week :)

3. Her real problem with her ex-husband wasn’t that he was smarter than she was… it was that he was too dumb to see how great she is.

4. She never thought her 25th high school reunion would end with her saying, “I’m with the band.”

5. Someday soon her 12-year-old daughter will stop rolling her eyes at her. But it won’t be today.

6. She thinks she’s stepping into a love triangle, but it’s far more complicated than that.

7. Her best girlfriend will soon be a guy named Marvin.

8. And while I don’t normally use my life in my fiction, I plan to give Trish a dog soon. It will put the hours I’m losing to a new puppy to good use…

Tally on backTally, the Writing Dog.

Happy Monday!


Day 17 – 10 Things I’d Rather Do at Starbucks

10 things I’d rather do at Starbucks than write:

Starbucks with AlphaSmart

1. read something someone else wrote

2. show strangers photos of my new puppy

3. drink waaaaay too much caffeine

4. listen in on the conversations around me. Eavesdropping is an important skill set for a novelist

5. go on Facebook

6. go on Facebook

7. go on Facebook

8. be at Costco with my husband (who dropped me off to write) eating samples of everything from teriyaki chicken to chocolate covered raisins

9. nap (although this Starbucks does not have a couch)

10. Outline, take notes, make a character sketch, research on the internet and generally do all those other jobs that at any given moment seem more fun than diving in (which I am going to do right now!)

Happy diving in,


Day 15 – Weekend Wishes

My wishes for you (and me) this weekend:

May we wear our most comfortable pants one whole morning, afternoon or evening.

 fuzzy pants(Mine are these exceedingly attractive fuzzy, plaid ones :)

May we finish that one job that will bug us until it’s done.

4,000 more words of The Rocker’s Mrs. for me.

May those around us do at least one thing we ask them to do.

“Tally, please do that outside.”

May we catch up on every hour of sleep we missed this week.

Tally Sleeping couch

May we watch the movie/ read the book/ have the conversation/ that makes us feel relaxed and content.

May we get out and see the sun before it leaves us until spring

(I do love Montana, but it can get pretty dark and cold)

May we appreciate this late fall weekend for the pre-holiday quiet that it is.

Happy Weekend






Day 14 – A Change of Scene

At 7 p.m. I was at  0 words for the day and 20,261 words for the month. Tomorrow is half-way through November, and I’m supposed to be half way through my 50,000 words!

So, I did the one thing that guarantees that work gets done… I left the house.

I do it periodically, write away from home, because home holds people, laundry, too much internet access, movies, a counter full of dishes, the book I’m currently reading, a bathtub to soak in, and now, the cutest puppy in the world, Tally, the Writing Dog

Tally with violets

(eating a violet she found in the yard)

So, I went old school at McDonald’s with my AlphaSmart, yellow pad, gel pen, and sticky notes. McDs

Word count by 8:30? 21,476. Shazam!

Happy Reading, Happy Writing, Happy Meal!


Day 13 – you know when…

You know when your children were little, and the only time you could get anything done was when they were napping?

Tally sleeping

Note to self: Don’t get a puppy during National Novel Writing Month.

Happy Reading, and for me… Happy Write Like a Crazy Person tomorrow!


Day 12 – Gratitude

I think that gratitude is sometimes an overly serious and logical word for something that grips our hearts or brings that surprising rush of tears.

Tonight I listened to a passionate businessman talk about his journey. It was entertaining and educational and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And then at the end, he very quietly said, “When you find what you’re supposed to do… stick with it.”

And in that second my eyes teared up, and I am not that kind of gal.

I can, for example, watch the Folgers coffee ad at Christmas and not get choked up. And that’s more than I can say for my husband and 98% of the population.

Folgers Christmas Ad

But tonight I felt the message of keep going all the way to my tear ducts.

Let me say I was in no danger of leaving my writing career to become a professional basketball player or anything. Nor was I ready to abandon my National Novel Writing novel, The Rocker’s Mrs. I’m enjoying both the P.J.’d life of a writer and the unfolding story of a small town woman who goes on tour with the band.

What I was in danger of, I think, was not appreciating enough that I’ve found what I’m supposed to do. For better or worse. For richer for poorer. I’m supposed to write.

And thank you, as always and always, for giving me someone to write for.


Day 11 – it’s a….

Today I got a thousand words and a PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

Tally - ride home

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