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Kathy Dunnehoff

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 Hey! Invite me to speak…
I’ve been a college writing instructor/workshop presenter for 20+ years now (I’ve got some academic degree thingees if you need that & you already know about my books if you’re here)  and there’s nothing I like better than to spend time with a bunch of writers. (No one else really gets what we do, do they?!)
I’d list everything I’ve taught over the years, but there are too many courses/workshops to remember. In general, I’ve presented on all aspects of novel writing, creativity in general (The Artist’s Way etc…), screenwriting (introduction to & also what novelists can steal from screenwriters), surviving National Novel Writing Month, and the organization & scheduling writers need to do to get the job of writing done.
Since I’m also the owner/publisher of Blue House Publishing, I have a great deal of experience with e-book marketing and easy ways authors can utilize social media. (I personally do not use the word “platform” because it makes nearly all of us writers instantly afraid. I guarantee a fear free talk!)
So, if you want to, “Hey! Invite her to speak”… send me an email at kathydh@cyberport.net
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