E-Publishing 101

This is for the Montana writers…  Resolve to Publish Your Book in 2012 Workshop!

Roxanne McHenry, who helped me launch The Do-Over, will present the technical aspects of e-publishing and the specific tools for online marketing.

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I’m going to cover the author’s job in the process. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but the steps are clear once you begin and very do-able. My mentor Dennis Foley says about novel writing, “If Dennis can do it, anybody can do it.” Let me say about e-publishing, “If Kathy can do it, anybody can do it!”

 Prior to May I didn’t have so much as a Facebook account. I am now the owner of Blue House Publishing, the author of an e-book (the second one’s coming out this month!), a blogger, and occasionally I’m a twit. Okay, I mean I tweet on Twitter!

It’s been a great experience, and we hope you’ll join us…

Saturday January 21, 2012  9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell, Montana. For more information and to register contact Roxanne at rox@roxanne.com

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I Do Not Regret the Italian

Italian Flag in the breezeIn college I once broke up with a guy who said, “The only thing worse than not getting what you want is getting it.” (At the time he was referring to the Italian I dumped him for, but that’s another story.) When he said it to me, it felt like the worst fortune cookie ever.

Eternal Optimism and the Hamster Brain

As an eternal optimist, I always think that things will get better. He actually introduced me to the idea that you could want something and then later be sorry. (For the record, I do not regret the Italian!)

In a matter of days, my first book The Do-Over will be in the hands of readers. I’d like to say I am nothing but thrilled… “I am nothing but thrilled.”  I am also nervous and a little stressed, and guilty of hamster brain. (You know, where your thoughts spin around on that damn squeaky wheel?) Being a writer, and even better, having readers is something I’ve wanted my whole life, and I want getting it to be the best thing.

Mid-life Adventures

I hope, like the Italian, I will look back on all this as a grand adventure. (I’m thinking that my analogy needs to end here before I say something with a double meaning that I will surely mean but will cause me to lose my PG-13 rating.) And I refuse to give into my hamster brain and the ominous parting shot of a college boy, and embrace the sheer joy of sharing my work. So here’s to the only thing better than having an adventure at twenty…. Having one at mid-life!

Mid-life Launching

flowering crab first of June, 2011June first has probably always been a day I’ve looked forward to. Living in Montana, winters are long and spring is something of a miracle. (To give you a feel for my mood in January… I throw a neighborhood women gathering I call The Donner Party Tea.)

Springtime this far north doesn’t arrive on June 1st necessarily. That day can bring snow just as readily as sunshine. But this June 1st I’ll have my new season regardless of the weather. It’s the day my novel, The Do-Over, will be available.

Long Winter of Publishing

And yes, I have waited through a long winter of publishing… many, many long winters. I like to think I was supposed to tell the stories of women at mid-life and needed to get there myself to understand the terrain. Who else could capture the joys and irritations, the exhaustion and stubborn hope than a sister who is also knee-deep in permission slips and peri-menopause?

Admit it, if you were looking in at your own life, you’d find it interesting. (And I don’t mean a can’t-look-away-from-a-train-wreck interesting.) You’d see, as I do, that women at this stage in life are working hard for others and just beginning to see that they can begin to shift some of that amazing caretaking energy back to themselves.

Female Fantasy

I think of The Do-Over as a female fantasy in which we get all the good things and some of the bad things we deserve. Most of us don’t want to blow up our lives so much as take a break from them. And not just a vacation from warehouse shopping and work, but a vacation from our own limits. That’s what Mara Jane Mulligan does, and it’s what I hope mid-life lit. encourages us all to do.

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