The One That Got Away

And no, I’m not talking about a guy. I’m talking about my week. It was a crazy, busy one, the kind that mothers of children on summer vacation know. And the worst part was they weren’t even the problem. (Okay, they were a small part of the problem.)

A To-Do List Because I Can’t Help Myself

My goal was to neatly divide up my week. Prepping for my college classes at Flathead Valley Community College on Monday and Tuesday and teaching the three classes I had scheduled. Then a day or two devoted to promoting “The Do-Over” a process I am enjoying a great deal. I get to sit in my little home office and see where in the world the book can get to! And then today, Friday, I wanted to spend the entire day with my Dad, a weekly occurrence that sometimes gets squeezed out of my schedule.
Then in the manner of the best laid plans of mice and women… my cold, that has taken on a life of its own, dropped me against my will on the couch.

The Still, Small Voice

I tell my children with my wisest voice, “first there’s a whisper, and if you don’t listen, the universe will knock. If you choose to ignore the knock, you’ll get knocked over. I have been mightly ignoring the universe politely asking me to relax, so it asked me to RELAX!

The Imprint on the Couch…

I have, it’s true, managed this post…  but my house is a mess, I’m not prepped for a new class that starts Monday, I have sticky notes that have adhered to other sticky notes as if they were a coral reef, and I still have two flats of flowers all gangly and waiting to be planted. My schedule today and tomorrow is to really make a big dent in my couch and trust that good things come to those who (sometimes) allow themselves to wait.

Synchronicity and the First Sale (Part II)

So, Roxanne and synchronicity… Let me say that Roxanne McHenry who co-founded the Unruly Guides and has since gone on to launch her own e-publishing and e-marketing business did not arrive on my doorstep to help me format and market The Do-Over.

Caffeine is Mother’s Little Helper

I knew Roxanne because we had children around the same time, and we shared a mutual friend who ran a coffee cart. Anyone who’s ever been home with young children will understand the complete and total nirvana of having a well poured caffeinated beverage. In order to get one, we spent many hours lugging heavy babies in carseats and chasing toddlers.

Flathead River Writers Conference


Fast forward more than a dozen years… I ran into her at the Flathead River Writers Conference in October. Roxanne was starting up a new business and asked me to do a podcast for her.

I said yes because I love to talk, but I couldn’t imagine what mind-boggling internet work she was involved with that I could say anything about.



The last I’d heard about her work there were Japanese translations and software development, and I was like that Farside cartoon where the dog can only comprehend its own name. “Blah, blah, blah, Ginger.”

When I did a little research, I figured out that the Roxanne McHenry I’d shared a pretty serious latte habit with was blazing an e-publishing trail. I embraced the synchronicity of it, took her to lunch, and several months later The Do-Over was officially available to readers. (I will later tell the story of the book cover, and the teriffic graphic artist, Anna Mahlen of Monday Morning Design, who is also right in my backyard and came to me on the same breeze of synchronicity…)

Traveling and Travel Mugs

But in case I’m implying that synchroncity alone brought me what I’d always wanted, let me say I believe it was my willingness to see it and embrace it that made my book possible. I’d encourage you to actively look for it in your own life. Think of what you want that’s big (a trip to Positano, Italy) or small (a really good travel mug) and then watch for opportunities that will come along to get you closer and closer to your own dreams.

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