Best Stairs Ever!

Best stairs ever!

No, I don’t mean the kind at the gym. You know, the stairs that you become oxygen deprived on while the woman next to you (younger, always younger) zooms up like she’s on an escalator?

I mean the kind of stairs that make you feel good about life…

spring break 2013 portland

Well, last weekend in Portland, I found these stairs at Powell’s Bookstore, and they made me really happy. Maybe it was finding them at such a great bookstore, healthy and thriving since 1971. Or maybe it was standing among all those print books and knowing that one way or another I can make that happen too.

Sure, I’m currently an e-book author, but sometimes all the categorizing that goes on… self-published/traditionally published; e-book/print book; small presses/large presses; commercial fiction/literary fiction;  well, it makes me tired.

I’m a writer because I write. I’m an author because you have been my reader. And that makes me happy too.

And while I find myself at the end of the best spring break ever with my family! (See photo below of my backyard  to see how OVER spring break is.)

spring break 2013 home

I still feel a little spring in my heart. I wrote this morning (not a lot… we all have colds as a last souvenier of the trip) but enough to get me going again, to take me another rung up my own staircase.

I’m not sure what I’m doing right now, what’s ahead with novels, screenplays, e-books, print, but I do know whatever the next step, I’ll be in good company.

Happy Reading!


10 Reasons Everybody Needs a Spring Break!

It’s 34 degrees here in Montana, and it’s Spring Break. Yep, the vacation that centers around warm weather and all things beachy has begun with SNOW. So, to celebrate, here are 10 reasons we all deserve a little warmth.

  1.  It’s past the official first day of spring, so bring it!
  2. My backyard looks like this…


       3. I like my backyard when it looks like this…



4. College students probably don’t need a week on a beach as much as the rest of us do.

5.  I’m pretty sure I heard Oprah say, “You get a vacation and you get a vacation and you get a vacation!”

6.  Frostbite doesn’t glow the same way a tan does.

7.  Even bears know it’s time to stop being cooped up in the den.

8.  Admit it, you’ve rented every movie in Redbox this winter and are starting to see even the bad ones twice.

9.   There are some really cute bathing suit cover-ups out there, so the only thing to fear is fear itself.

10.  You’ve been good all winter, and when Santa came by on a sleigh yesterday, he said you could take a week off!

Enjoy the spirit of Spring Break even if you have no sunshine or time off!

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You may not have a beach, but you can have a beach read!

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