10 Reasons Moms Need a Vacation from Summer Vacation!

It’s the countdown for back to school and as fun as summer has been… I’m finding myself in need of a break. In my novel, The Do-Over, Mara Jane Mulligan takes a 30 day vacation from her life, and what mom doesn’t deserve one of those?!

Here’s my top ten reasons why moms need a vacation from summer vacation!

  • 1. After a road trip, you do laundry for the exact number of days you were “relaxing.”
  • 2. You’ve had way too much mini-van time with extra children, damp towels, and if you made a truly questionable decision… a wet dog.
  • 3. Because unlike the school year, eating and messing things up can and does occur between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
  • 4. If you have young children, your lazy summer day begins around 6 a.m. If you have teenagers, their lazy summer day begins at noon. If you have both… someone is always asleep at your house, and it isn’t you.
  • 5. No matter how many towels you have, they’re dirty. No matter how many bottles of sunscreen you own, they’re missing. And no matter how many children are near, the mosquitoes only bite you.
  • 6. While school supplies can be costly, summer fun starts with an inexpensive pool pass but ends up with a doctor’s bill and antibiotics for an ear infection.
  • 7. The refrigerator is always empty, but somehow the dishes are still covered with half-eaten food.
  • 8. The bathtub sports a permanent black scum from flip-flop feet.
  • 9. The hotdogs and s’mores are beginning to affect your cholesterol levels.
  • 10. As much as you love summer and love your children… you deserve a chance to relax a little before you have to shop for enough supplies to start your own school!

This is for all the moms out there who made summer fun and now seriously deserve a nap!

The One That Got Away

And no, I’m not talking about a guy. I’m talking about my week. It was a crazy, busy one, the kind that mothers of children on summer vacation know. And the worst part was they weren’t even the problem. (Okay, they were a small part of the problem.)

A To-Do List Because I Can’t Help Myself

My goal was to neatly divide up my week. Prepping for my college classes at Flathead Valley Community College on Monday and Tuesday and teaching the three classes I had scheduled. Then a day or two devoted to promoting “The Do-Over” a process I am enjoying a great deal. I get to sit in my little home office and see where in the world the book can get to! And then today, Friday, I wanted to spend the entire day with my Dad, a weekly occurrence that sometimes gets squeezed out of my schedule.
Then in the manner of the best laid plans of mice and women… my cold, that has taken on a life of its own, dropped me against my will on the couch.

The Still, Small Voice

I tell my children with my wisest voice, “first there’s a whisper, and if you don’t listen, the universe will knock. If you choose to ignore the knock, you’ll get knocked over. I have been mightly ignoring the universe politely asking me to relax, so it asked me to RELAX!

The Imprint on the Couch…

I have, it’s true, managed this post…  but my house is a mess, I’m not prepped for a new class that starts Monday, I have sticky notes that have adhered to other sticky notes as if they were a coral reef, and I still have two flats of flowers all gangly and waiting to be planted. My schedule today and tomorrow is to really make a big dent in my couch and trust that good things come to those who (sometimes) allow themselves to wait.
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