Day 28: Thanks Giving

Today I’m giving thanks, not for my whole life, (which I am very, very grateful for) but for my life as a reader.

Yes, I am thankful to be a reader because:

1. I’ve gotten to travel the world without leaving home.

2. I’ve met and lived vicariously through a thousand interesting characters.

3. I’ve learned things about life from experiencing the life of stories.

4. In countless books, I’ve laughed and cried and been delightfully surprised bycharacters, plots, and the writing itself.

book stacks

5. At times when I’ve needed escape (a little bit every day!) I’ve had a passport to somewhere else.

6. When I needed company, a book was right there beside me, waiting to be opened.

7. Books have fed my hamster wheel brain, and kept me learning and growing.

8. Some of my sweetest childhood memories involve sitting with a beloved grown-up and a book.

9. Learning to read was a stellar event, one I do not take for granted and wish for everyone.

10. I have found a home in books and made myself at home writing them.

Happily grateful and wishing you the very best season of giving thanks!



Happy Thanksgiving!

I‘m thankful this holiday for all the readers/friends/family/neighbors/students/teachers/and fellow writers who have made my dream to be an author possible!

I will forever be grateful for the chance to write stories in my PJ’s that you can read in yours!

From midnight tonight until midnight on Thanksgiving… a free read!

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Happy Thanksgiving & Happy e-Reading



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